Monday, September 20, 2021


Doors and windows hard to open and shut? Siding and floors buckling and sagging?Skirting starting to buckle? Cracks in your interior molding?

FBI guarantees the re-level of your manufactured home. We can normally fix this from the underside of your home while not disturbing the flooring inside your home. Call us at (707) 332-9400 to schedule a FREE inspection.


Need to sell or refinance a home FHA or VA?

Retrofits are required. This procedure permanently attaches a home to its foundation. Our package includes the retrofit itself, engineered paperwork, and the FHA inspections.
  • Singlewides
  • Doublewides
  • Triplewides


FBI Framing, Building & Improvements not only specializes in the take-down, setup, transport, and relocation of your manufactured home but also performs inspections and re-leveling services as well as retrofitting.

We are committed to making the re-leveling and/or retrofit of your home a pleasant and stress-free event. With over 25 years of construction experience, we can assure you that your home will be professionally re-leveled and/or retrofitted.

Over time, a manufactured home or mobile home can become unlevel. We'll do a thorough underneath inspection of your home and correct any leveling flaws we find. We'll make sure all the blocks are tight against the frame of your mobile home.

Manufactured homes settle, just as block homes settle. The only difference is that a block home is on a concrete foundation and a manufactured home is on individual piers. Many factors can contribute to a manufactured home or a mobile home becoming out of level. Some factors are:

  • Soft ground
  • Rain washing out soil from under the blocks
  • Heavy traffic in a certain area
  • Soft ground
  • Washing machine shaking the home
  • Adding ceramic tile
  • Installing a new roof

An unlevel home can cause severe damage to your home! The cost of a re-level will be determinate based upon many variables including the size of your home, the type of skirting, and the severity of the unlevelness.

We guarantee competitive pricing for your manufactured home re-leveling and retrofitting needs. Please feel free to contact us or call (707) 332-9400. We're happy to answer any questions you have!

FBI...YOUR Solution for Re-Leveling and/or Retrofitting!