Monday, August 3, 2020

Need tie-downs? Need anchors pit set or aboveground?

FBI has the anchor for you!

Need skirting?

FBI has the skirting for you!

   Stucco texture
   Framed out with treated lumber
   Vents and access doors installed per code
   Installed with screws
   Caulked and painted to match


Tie-downs are systems of heavy-duty straps and anchors designed to stabilize manufactured homes (also known as mobile homes) during high winds. Failure to properly install and maintain tie-downs results in reduced capacity to resist sliding and overturning.

Manufactured homes are elevated and vulnerable to the forces of wind uplift if they are not equipped with skirting. Wind passing over the top of such homes can exacerbate the effect. FBI offers an array of stabilizing systems.

  • Cross-drive rock anchors
  • Concrete slab anchors
  • Auger earth anchors
  • LLBS longitudinal / lateral bracing
  • X12 foundation system (can be retrofit for FHA/VA approval)
If you are attempting to get a home loan, we can bring your manufactured home’s tie-downs and anchoring up to the new state specifications so you can satisfy the tie-down requirements for the loan.

If you currently own a manufactured home and want to make sure it is properly anchored, call us at (707) 332-9400 and we will inspect your manufactured home or mobile home tie-downs and replace or install additional tie-downs if necessary.

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